Engagement Session in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan – A7RV + 35/1.4GM and Sirui Anamorphic

This was shot on the literally my very first day ever in Japan! I jumped out of the plane in the evening on Friday and then met the couple at 2pm on Saturday. The location we chose for the shoot, thanks to the recommendation from the couple, was Ueno Park. It is a picturesque location in Tokyo that offers a variety of settings for engagement photos. The park is home to several temples, museums, and gardens, making it a perfect spot for capturing romantic and meaningful photos. In this blog post, I will showcase some of my favorite spots in Ueno Park for taking engagement photos. I’ve spend there around 1,5h taking a nice walk with Nana and Koichi in mid December. As you can see in the photos the weather was cloudy, but the trees were still very colourful giving full pallet of autumns colours.

The gear I chose for this shoot was Sony A7RV paired with 35mm f/1.4 GM and Sirui 35mm T/2.9 anamorphic lens, which gave me this unique panoramic photos.

Huge thanks to my friends Taylor and Marshall joining me on this shoot and helping me with behind the scenes video footage which you can see below the images.

This sample blog was created using Pic-Time blogs. Make sure to check out my full video about this particular session:

All photos edited with MAGICADABRA PRESET: