Flash Magic Course

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Flash Magic Course

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Original price was: 159,00 $.Current price is: 109,00 $.

FLASH MAGIC is an online video course on how to master single flash for wedding photography. Over 120min of video lessons covering basic flash knowledge and 3 main techniques I use for my wedding photography. This course is meant to both complete flash noobs but also for those of you who know what you’re doing, but you want to master some of the techniques. If you want to learn how to create killer crazy dance floor photos – FLASH MAGIC is for you!


In this course I’m gonna show you how I use flash on the wedding day. We’re going to master ONE FLASH photography with three techniques I personally use for my wedding work.

In the first part I’m gonna talk about camera settings and controlling the ambient and flash light with your camera settings and understanding which settings gives you what type of effects. In the second part – I’m gonna show you how I bounce flash for the best results, as this is usually my go-to way of using a flash at the beginning of the party or just indoors when it gets dark. My goal is to create well lit, nice looking images. Next part is FLASH IN THE HAND, which is the simplest form of using single off-camera flash – I’m gonna show you how to work with bare flash as well like flash with simple diffusers to make your photos look amazing no matter in what kind of scenario you will find yourself.

And in the last part is the cherry on the top – my favourite – dragging the shutter, which I call FLASH IN THE FACE which became my signature thing – I have some tips and tricks for that in order to get the most fun and epic photos from the dance floor and some techniques to create out of this world photos.

For who?

This course is meant to both complete flash noobs, as I’m gonna dive into some basic settings so you can fully understand what I’m doing, but also for those of you who know what you’re doing, to master some of the techniques – and how to create killer crazy dance floor photos. So fasten your seatbelts and let’s ride!


01 welcome (5min)
02 understanding light (11min)
03 bounce flash (43min)
04 FLASH IN DA HAND (20min)
05 FLASH IN DA FACE (32min)
06 bonus chapter – direct flash outdoors (10min)
07 outro (2min)

Under materials you will find cheat sheets for your phone with all the go-to settings and tips&tricks for each flash technique I tech.



4 reviews for Flash Magic Course

  1. Jc pullser (verified owner)

    Magic really does his magic on this course. If you are ready to up your level with your flash then get ready!.. this course isn’t just for beginners, it’s for the experienced as well. One thing I loved about this course is that he explained everything so detailed so you can understand right from the start and not second guess yourself. This is the second course I have purchased from magic and my photography has definitely seen a change for the best… don’t waste your time and get on this flash course because you will not find the tips tricks he provides on YouTube!.. Magic does not disappoint.

  2. Hannah Bain (verified owner)

    I’m halfway through this course, but I wanted to leave a review to say how amazing it is, as I have already found it helpful. Magic’s videos and guidance are so easy to understand, and he makes you feel like you got this flash photography thing. I had no idea how knowledgeable he is on technical lighting, which makes him the pro of the pros. You should buy this course, it’s a bargain for everything you will learn, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Angelas (verified owner)

    BEST cources about flash photography:)! thank You Mr. Magic

  4. Ingrid

    THE course for flash! My flashgame has really improved so much thanks to Magic! So many helpful insights inte the world of flash that I didn,t know and has really inspired me in so many ways with my photography. Wish I had known about this sooner! So so so good and so worth! You won’t be disappointed!!!

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Flash Magic Course

Original price was: 159,00 $.Current price is: 109,00 $.