Sony 20-70mm f/4 G – is this the best lens for vlogging and travel?

Sony 20-70mm f/4 G is the first new lens from Sony in 2023. It’s a G series lens, meaning a compact design and f/4 aperture. The lens is said to be following the new trends in shooting style in both photo and video – which is a need of a wider angle on a standard zoom. That is why we do have 20mm on wider end instead of typical 24mm. On the lens it self we have linear responsive focusing ring, zoom ring and aperture ring, which can be set to click on or off, and can also be locked in A position. We also have AF/MF switch and custom hold button. The lens tube does extend when zooming in. But the lens itself can still be considered as compact with its light weight of only 488g.

As all the new lenses this one is equipped with Sony’s new tech including 2 XD linear motors for super fast, accurate and quiet AF and bunch of high end glass solutions to bring insane sharpness from corner to corner. According to my test it does suffer from barrel distortion and vignetting on the wider end (you can download the samples below the images), but the lens correction in camera makes the image look good when filming or shooting jpgs (for RAWs we need to wait for LR update with lens profile).

All photos edited with MAGICADABRA PRESET