Sony A9 III vs A9 II – High ISO Noise Comparison

FInally I got my hands on the brand new Sony A9 III and I’m ready for some tests! I’m going to start with the ISO comparison with Sony A9 III vs A9 II. Both cameras have 24 megapixels, but due to the different sensor technology and lack of shutter on A9 III we’re seeing different results. It’s quite important to mention that A9 III base ISO is 250 (compared to ISO 100 on A9 II) and the highest native ISO is 25600 (compared to ISO 51200 on A9 II), so that will also make difference. Make sure to check my video for full comparison, check some samples below and download jpg samples below the photos.

Sony A9 II – ISO 100 vs Sony A9 III – ISO 250

A9 II - ISO100 A9 III - ISO250

Sony A9 II – ISO 3200 vs Sony A9 III – ISO 3200

Sony A9 II – ISO 6400 vs Sony A9 III – ISO 6400

Sony A9 II – ISO 25600 vs Sony A9 III – ISO 25600

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Download ISO samples Sony A9 II vs Sony A9 III